Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

Is The Sports Performance Academy only for top level athletes?

Our program can be tailored to fit any level athlete. We work with athletes of all ages and skill levels. We have set forth our training pyramid to work with athletes from all different levels. The vast majority of our athletes are simply trying to improve and may just want to get more playing time, make the team, or just build confidence. All of our coaches have degrees in Exercise Science/Performance Enhancement Certification/and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. We have the ability to customize the workouts to each athlete’s developmental level.

What level will my son/daughter train at and how do we find out what level she is in?

To begin each athlete must go through a Performance Evaluation where we will find out what your athlete needs to improve on to become a better athlete. After the evaluation the Sports Performance Coach will let you know what level your athlete will fit into best. Sports Performance Academy levels; “Fun”damentals level/typical age 7-10 years old; First Step level/typical age 10-12 years old; F.A.S.T level/typical age 12-14 years old; Accelerated level/typical age 14-16 years old; Elite level/typical age 16-18 years old; Pro level/typical age 18 years and up.

We just don't have the time.

Training sessions at The Sports Performance Academy are one hour long and require less time commitment than the typical game or practice. Furthermore, sports performance training may be what gives your athlete the edge they need to become more productive and healthy to stay on the field of play.

Is the program too general and not specific to my sport?

Our programs operate in a small group setting were our Sports Performance Coaches are able to customize the session based on the goals, needs, and development levels of the athletes participating. Many of the movement patterns and strength exercises will be similar and will apply to several sports. Our Performance Coaches will make sure the athlete understands how each exercise will benefit the athlete in their sport.