Sports Performance Academy - Testimonials

My daughter absolutely dreaded conditioning before with her club sports team....she looks forward to going here, says there is a lot of variety and works hard.  - Kristina Sharkey

You are an excellent Strength and Conditioning coach for the girls and you inspire confidence, self-discipline and perseverance.  - Susan Houben 

He (Robert) has finally broke the 6 min mile - his first track meet is this Wed and he is hoping to have a second record time!
And in soccer he is proud to say that he is earning more playing time on the field - he is a happy athlete and told us he knows it is because of your classes!
- Heather Glass 

Chris Armas, former Chicago Fire and US National Team member
As a strength and conditioning coach, Kale Hoyt is a leader in his field.  I had a great time working with Kale both as a professional MLS and US National team soccer player as well as working with him once I became a professional coach.  His methods and philosophy are current and very sport specific. With Kale on board, the Chicago Fire excelled to 2 MLS conference championships-our team was healthy, fit and strong. His positive, energetic personality was crucial in forming relationships among the players, coaching staff, and medical staff. Above all, Kale is truly a professional, honest in all ways, and we were fortunate to have him part of our team.

Matt Pickens - Former Chicago Fire, and Colorado Rapids (MLS) Goalkeeper
Strength and Conditioning is a integral peice of the puzzle for me to succeed on the field. Knowing that I worked hard off the field and prepared myself gives me the confidence I need to play at the highest level.  Personally working with Kale was a great experience when I played in Chicago. His knowledge, dedication, and driven attiutude was nothing to question. I would recommend him for every athlete that is interested using the path of Stength and Conditioning for acheiving success on the field.

Jon Busch, Former Chicago Fire, San Jose Earthquakes GK, US National Team GK

I have had the pleasure to work with Kale for 3 years in Chicago.  He is one of the best strength and conditioning coaches I have ever worked with my entire career.  He knows how to properly train his athletes to improve him/her performance on the playing field.

Chris Rolfe, former Chicago Fire Player
I had the opportunity to work with Kale for almost 5 years while playing professional soccer for the Chicago Fire. Kale proved to be a great asset - for me personally and collectively as a team, as we were very successful during his time with us. He's a hardworking, innovative and determined strength and conditioning coach who always has new exercises to keep the workouts fresh. His dedication to his vocation makes him beneficial to anyone seeking to improve athletically.